Boredom-buster For The Whole Fam

Need an at-home boredom-buster the whole fam can get behind? ⁣

Simple: Divide into teams, grab your nearest point-and-shoot, pass out a list, and let the games begin! (All you competitive guys, no knocking anyone down, K?)⁣

Here are a few photo scavenger hunt ideas to get your creative juices flowin’:⁣

1. Something especially gross⁣
2. Something outside alive and colorful⁣
3. Something you’re grateful for⁣
4. Something hidden away⁣
5. A wild critter like a squirrel or bird⁣
6. A cloud shaped like an animal⁣
7. A household item with a super-strong smell⁣
8. A favorite spot to relax⁣
9. A holiday decoration⁣
10. The newest item in your home⁣
11. The oldest item in your fridge⁣
12. The messiest room⁣
13. The cleanest closet⁣
14. The dirtiest pair of shoes⁣
15. The oldest family photo you can find⁣

Warmer days are ahead — promise! Until then, binging on reruns isn’t your only family time option. When everyone is home, surprise 'em with a painless (and dare I say fun?) photo scavenger hunt. Prizes encouraged!⁣

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