Boat Day Cocktail Ideas

Heading out onto the water by boat is usually a fun activity. There’s something peaceful about heading out to the lake with friends and family, that makes any day more exciting. Lake days do not require much to make them more enjoyable, however adding great cocktails a definite plus! A great drink can help make lake life even better

 These drinks will flip an exquisite day of cruising into a tremendous day of cruising and the great part is they are simple to make.  You can even bring the ingredients with you on the boat and build them while cruising the open water.  The waves will help with the shaking part.

 Ultimately, these summer cocktails are boosting with tropical and summer flavors. Whether you are visiting the sand bar, tied up to a friend’s boat or enjoying a Carolina sunset it doesn’t matter, as long as you are having a good time!

 Click any of these exciting cocktails for your next day on the lake!

Perfect Lime Patron Margarita -Best of Life Magazine

Grapefruit Crush – Twine & Table

Easy Mai Tai – Best of Life Magazine

Raspberry Limoncello Prosecco – Damn Delicious

Kentucky Lemonade – The Chunky Chef

Summer Sangria – What the Fork Blog

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