Are you a homebody?

Are you a homebody? Wanna know for sure? See if you find yourself nodding a hearty yes to these homebody descriptors:⁣
• You don’t mind being alone.⁣
• You’re totally fine (and a bit excited) when a friend cancels plans.⁣
• Your weekend wardrobe is oversized hoodies, joggers, and fuzzy socks (in varying shades, of course).⁣
• You enjoy an occasional night out but every time, you can’t wait to get back home.⁣
• You have zero FOMO — and cannot for the life of you understand those who do.⁣
• You know the best take-out places within a 10-mile radius...and their current specials.⁣
Whether you’re a homebody or the equally lovable opposite, everybody needs somewhere to curl up on the couch and just “be” — a place to call home. If you want to find your place, I'd love to help.⁣

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