April Home Maintenance Checklist

Ahhh, spring is here, and with it longer days, warmer temps, and a return to outdoor living. Yesss! Spring also means it’s also time to give that home sweet home a serious once over. To help, here’s an April home maintenance checklist to get you started:⁣

Declutter, declutter, declutter. Yep, I’m beating that drum…again. You didn't think I’d have a home maintenance checklist without decluttering as numero uno, did you?⁣
Replace air filters and schedule a maintenance check of your cooling system to ensure it’s ready for the steamy months ahead.⁣
Wash windows and doors, and don’t forget your porches. Clean out corner cobwebs and spruce up your front porch or stoop with a colorful wreath, a cutesy welcome mat, and stately planters.⁣
Clean and organize your garage; while you're at it, go on and rinse out your trash cans and recycling bins.⁣
Rent or borrow a pressure washer to give your siding, sidewalk, and driveway a fresh look. Check for widening cracks and chipped paint as you go, making a note to come back and address them later.⁣
Clean and repair your gutters and downspouts to ensure they’re in prime condition for spring downpours.⁣
Test your sprinkler or irrigation system and give that lawnmower a good ole crank. (Trust me, your grass will thank you later!)⁣
Clear brush and fallen limbs away from the house and clean out your beds to make room for spring color.⁣

Join me in rolling out the welcome mat for the easy, breezy season ahead!⁣

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