A Day in the Life: What do Showings Look Like?

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and really, I get the sentiment and all. But I’m guessing whoever said that wasn’t in the market for a new home. The truth is listing photos can only take you so far. Sooner or later, buyers wanna get off their smartphones and get inside some homes. ⁣

Enter showings—one of the most thrilling parts of the entire home buying journey! If you’ve never experienced a home showing, here’s what you can expect. First, though, YOU have a little work to do. ⁣

Before touring a home, make your list of non-negotiables. Take the list with you and refer back to it as you walk around. Fight the urge to get carried away by a home that has lots of bells and whistles but doesn’t meet your punch list.⁣
Next, you schedule a time to meet your agent at the home. Take your time and ask your agent any and all questions that come to your mind. ⁣

Take special note of:⁣

Curb appeal and lawn condition: The property's exterior can easily be overlooked. Pay attention to your first impression of the home. Do you love it, or are you less-than-enthused?⁣
Cleanliness and odor. Use all your senses as you enter the home. Do you smell mold or mildew? Cigarette smoke? Does the air feel damp?⁣
Wall and floor condition: Pay attention to warped floors, watermarks, and cracks in the walls which often point to more significant problems with the house.⁣
Integrated systems and fixtures: Don’t neglect checking out the HVAC, electrical wiring, hot water heater, and other pipes and faucets. ⁣

A showing can last from 15 minutes (if the house is a total dud) to an hour or more (Could it be the one??). Just like most things in life, the more showings you attend, the quicker you’ll be able to determine if a home is right for you. ⁣

Are you ready to get inside some homes you’re scrolling through online? Reach out and let’s set up a time to meet up!⁣

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