9 Tips to Prepare Your Home for Fall

I know it is hard to imagine, but cooler temperatures and changing foliage are right around the corner. Now is the perfect time to do some pre-fall maintenance on your home. These 9 simple steps with go a long way to help save you from aggravation and costly repairs this Autumn.

  1. Clean Out the Rain Gutters- Most of us neglect this during the summer months as we are out enjoying the beautiful Carolina weather. Gutters that are clogged and full of gunk can stop water from draining properly or even create ice dams as it gets colder. This can lead to water finding it’s way into your home. This can cause costly leaks or water damage.  After cleaning you can run water through your gutters to make sure that there are also no misalignments that can also cause water damage in unwanted places

  2. Store and/or Protect Your Outdoor Furniture- Although most of us use our outdoor furniture all year round there are some steps you can take to better protect it from the elements. If you have wood furniture reseal it to protect the wood. On metal furniture apply a wax sealer or repaint with a rust proof paint or clear coat. If your outdoor furniture is plastic or wicker, just give it a good wash. Lastly, if you have any cushions remove them in store in a dry place when not being used to prevent them from molding inside and out. Items left outside do not dry as well if at all during the fall and winter.

  3. Seal Your Home- Use caulk or weatherstripping to seal windows and doors. This is a cost-effective way to make sure that hot air is not escaping from your home and over working your heater or furnace. It will also help to keep your utility bill down. Don’t forget to check your chimney, fireplaces, and vents for air leaks as well.

  4.  Clean or Change Filters- although this is a standard recommendation all year round, it can’t be stressed enough how important this is. Dirty or old filters make it harder for your systems to maintain your desired temperature and increase your utility bills. Although, most air filters are disposable you can clean them with the brush attachment on a vacuum usually once before replacing them.

  5. Clean the Oven- With the holidays approaching and families cooking indoors more it is best to make sure that your oven is nice and clean. Please it is still nice enough to open your windows if you are using a self-cleaning feature. There are lots of products out there to make this unpopular household chore easier, as well as some natural ways too!

  6. Test and Restock Your Fall/Winter Equipment- Because we don’t get much in terms of snow in the winter, the stores around here don’t have a huge inventory of items you may need. Be sure to check if you have a shovel and melting salt for those icy days. If you have a generator, start it up and make sure you have the proper fuel source to run it. Having an extra propane tank or firewood is also a good idea.

  7. Clean the Chimney- If you have a wood burning fireplace or coal stove make sure that it is cleaned out and in working condition. Hiring a company to come out and clean now will save you from trying to find someone during their super busy months. If you have a gas fire place you will want to check and make sure that your pilot light is light and that the fireplace starts easily.

  8. Get Heating System Checked & Serviced- It will be long before we switch from your air conditioning to heat. Having your system checked and serviced before you start using it. This can help you from having your system stop working when you need it the most.

  9. Do a 360 Inspection of Your Home- this is a great time to check around your house and see if you may need to fix anything for it gets too cold outside to do so. Here is an article from This Old House on How to give your house a yearly home inspection .

Take these simple steps to ensure that your house is ready for the Fall and Winter, as well as all the family that may be visiting you this holiday season.

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