5 Ways To Create A Statement In Your Home

Ready to go big, bold, and beautiful in your home without breaking the bank? Do it with hardly any effort (or Benjamins!) with these 5 statement pieces:⁣

An accent wall: Even if you aren’t ready to go totally "off-the-wall," darkening a neutral you already have will give your space depth and create a rich, layered, look.⁣
Pillows: A pop of color here and a patterned pillow there are two of the easiest ways to add some interest to your decor. Plus, you can switch ‘em out for the seasons or whenever you get tired of them.⁣
An area rug: Love your neutral sofa but want some oomph somewhere? Opt for a colorful or geometric area rug. It’s like artwork for your floor!⁣
An ottoman: An ottoman is oh-so-functional but can also make a statement in your living room. Choose one that’s oversized, oddly shaped, or just plain funky.⁣
Light fixtures: Lighting can be an afterthought when decorating but it makes a huge impression on the way your home feels. A gorgeous chandelier or a trio of pendant lights are always eye-catching but affordable, and carefully placed canned lights can create an equally dramatic atmosphere. ⁣

Don’t be afraid to give new trends a try—especially if the price is right and you're feeling bold and brave!

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