5 Steps To Better Prepare You For The Homebuying Process

"Nothing changes if nothing changes." ⁣

Ready to become a homeowner but feel overwhelmed with where to start? Not any more! May is the month you move towards your home-owning dreams! ⁣

Here are 5 baby steps you can knock out now to get prepared.⁣
(What’s even better? You can do all these right on your smartphone!)⁣

• Calculate what you can afford. Most experts recommend using 25% of your income on housing.⁣
• Pull a credit report, check it for errors, and identify small debts you can pay off quickly. You’ll want it to be accurate since lenders use it to determine mortgage suitability.⁣
• Create a wants vs. needs list (family input recommended!).⁣
• Narrow down your geographic search radius.⁣
• Take a look at your savings, monthly budget buffer, and down payment options.⁣

Buying a home is one of the best things you can do for your financial health! Don’t stay stuck—follow these baby steps and please reach out if you have questions. we’d love to help!⁣

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