4 Things Nobody Tells you About Buying a Home

Lean in real close, busy buyers. I’m about to dish 5 things no one tells you about buying a home that, frankly, would be downright silly to ignore: ⁣

Buy in a great school district even if you don’t have kids. It’ll make reselling down the road easy peasy.⁣
You don't have to buy at the high end of your price range. In fact, you shouldn’t. Leave room in your monthly budget for repairs, renovations, and the unexpected.⁣
You can ask the sellers for items you like or need such as furniture, artwork, or appliances. They may say no, but then again, they may say yes!⁣
Consider following up the home inspection with a contractor walk-through. A contractor's keen eye will give you a more realistic estimate than the inspection report of what it will cost to repair issues.⁣

Are you toying around with buying a home this spring? DM me—I’d love to hear what you’re looking for!

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