2021 Kitchen Design Trends

5 two-thumbs-up kitchen trends going strong in 2021:⁣

1. Pendant lights: And not just any pendant lights...big and bold ones that have somethin’ to say.⁣

2. Gold finishes: Gold is making its comeback. From faucets to sinks, the glittery finish brightens every kitchen nook. (Plus, it’s an easy switch when the trend fades away.)⁣

3. Appliances in drawers: Is it a drawer or a dishwasher? Demand for clean lines in the kitchen means even appliances are in disguise.⁣

4. Floating shelves: This one’s been around for a couple of years, but is still going strong. Another fave trend? The single floating shelf.⁣

5. Natural wood accents: Mixing materials like natural wood tones and painted cabinets are popping up everywhere—and I couldn’t love it more!⁣

Looking to renovate or find a new kitchen (and home) altogether? I’d love to chat about what renos will give you the best return on your investment OR what you’re looking for in your next dream kitchen. Reach out — I’m here to help!⁣

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