2021 Architecture Trends

As we crawl out of the fog that was 2020, architects and builders alike are responding to the wishes of homeowners who now see "home" from a very different vantage point. Here are a few architecture trends rising to the surface:⁣

1. Change up in the kitchen: Nothing can beat the airy, breezy feeling of an open floorplan, but they do have their downside—clutter, messiness, and dirty dishes aren’t easy to hide. Enter a new kitchen concept that separates food prep from food presentation. With an almost restaurant-like feel, the latest kitchen design puts at-home chefs in an ideal spot for hosting long-awaited family and social gatherings.⁣

2. Increase in building for multigenerational households: Builders are seeing an increased demand for multigenerational homes that essentially puts two separate homes under one roof. Alternatively, modular-built pods and backyard tiny homes are increasingly popular giving homeowners with shifting needs a turnkey solution.⁣

3. Bringing the outdoors indoors: Creating outdoor living spaces that are an extension of your indoors will continue to be popular 2021 home renovations. Large sliding or folding glass doors, drop-down screens, and all-weather furniture give homeowners the outdoor-indoor retreat they want as temps heat up. ⁣

Residential design is always changing—that’s part of why I love my job. No matter what your space needs are, I’d love to help you find the perfect home. Reach out and let’s connect today!⁣

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