10 Ways To Get An Offer Accepted

10 ways to get YOUR offer accepted {{even in the most competitive real estate market the U.S. has ever seen!!}}⁣

1. Be the first to view a home and put in an offer.⁣
2. Offer above asking and/or include an escalation clause.⁣
3. Be open to an appraisal gap (or waiving the appraisal).⁣
4. Beef up your earnest money.⁣
5. Get pre-approved by a local lender.⁣
6. Offer to pay the seller's moving expenses.⁣
7. Defer closing terms and timeline 100% to sellers.⁣
8. Waive the inspection contingency (can be tricky...)⁣
9. Eliminate financing contingencies.⁣
10. Gather a large(r) down payment or pay cash if you can.⁣

An agent can help you mix and match any or all of these to present sellers your best and final offer right from the beginning. It is possible to get the home of your dreams even in this market—it just takes a little creativity and a savvy agent!

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