Smart Home Technology Game-Changers

Smart home devices not only boost your home’s IQ, but they also make life easier and more efficient. Curious but unsure where to start? Check below for a handful of the latest brainy devices to check out!⁣
1. Nest Protect
This smart smoke and carbon monoxide detector lets you know where the danger is and can switch on the lights to help you get to safety.
2. Amazon Echo Dot
The modern-looking $60 speaker boasts a cloth-covered exterior, built-in LED system, and seamlessly connects you to all of Alexa’s skills. Put simply: It's a bedroom alarm clock, but better.
3. August Wifi Smart-Lock
Unassuming from the outside, the lock has its own built-in Wifi, and pairs easily with other smart home devices. Always juggling kids and groceries? Not a struggle anymore with this
smart lock.
4. Shark Ion R85
The Shark Ion R85 has been voted one of the best robot vacuums by consumers because of how well it picks up pet hair, dirt, and other random debris.
5. PetChatz
Described as a luxury Greet & Treat® two-way videophone, PetChatz provides interaction & entertainment for your home-alone pet. Your four-legged friend can even call you!
The great thing about smart home devices is there’s no need to try them all at once. Choose one that seems like a good fit for your lifestyle and family and give it a go!⁣
What's a smart home device that you love? Comment below!

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